Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council

It's the 35th anniversary year for the Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council - come celebrate with us in Jasper this May.  Go to the conventions tab and register now!


ASTAC- ALBERTA STUDENT TRANSPORTATION ADVISORY COUNCIL    - a representation of stakeholders from the student transportation industry including school bus contractors, school bus suppliers and school board transportation managers.

Mission Statement:

To promote and enhance the safe transportation of students by supporting stakeholders within the school bus industry with initiatives for education, and awareness.


Formed in January of 1993, the Alberta Student Transportation Advisory Council (ASTAC) has members from both the Alberta School Bus Contractors Association and the Student Transportation Association of Alberta. Since its inception, the ASTAC has taken a leadership role in the promotion of student transportation safety in Alberta.

The annual ASTAC Conference and Trade Show is consistently recognized as the premier school transportation conference in Canada - and for good reason!  Each year over the course of 3 days we offer many hours of networking opportunities and a minimum of 6 workshops to choose from.  Workshops include industry information on D250 standards, Alberta Education grants, special needs transportation, budgeting and planning, routing and computer sytsems.  The full in-door trade show is a venue for showcasing new busses, parts, supplies, computer routing systems, video systems and more.   The host venue consistently offers the best in high quality meals and accommodations.

Their most prominent programs are:

  • School Bus Safety Week
  • "S" Endorsement Program - a school bus driver improvement program that consists of a series of training modules, a written exam, pre-trip inspection and on-road evaluation.
  • School Bus Convention - a yearly event help to promote school bus safety through workshops, panel discussion and guest speakers.
  • Provincial School Bus Roadeo - held in various locations in Alberta.